Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Broadcast. . .

. . .to bring you some exciting news!

Both Sara of Sara's Sugar & Spice and Deanne of Three Trees {paper} Creations have singled (more like 1/8-ed) me out with a swingin', swanky, and super-sexy blog award!

But unfortunately, I now have to share eight interesting things about myself when I can't even think of one. . .EEK!

  • I met my husband Lance on a blind date, and we got married six months later.
  • And yes, we did it like porn stars on our first date. . .;)
  • I'm going to see Yoo-Rah, Jackie, Joy, and Sandye over the MLK, Jr. weekend in San Jose/San Francisco, and I'm jumping up-and-down exited! I can't wait! Open! Open! Open!
  • Speaking MLK, Jr. . .I know it's a cliche, but Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Mother Teresa are undoubtedly my personal heroes.
  • So are my parents - I'm the BIGGEST Mama & Daddy's girl evah!
  • And speaking of my parents, they're sixth cousins and even worse - My grandparents are (were - God rest their souls) uncle and niece. . .EWW!!!
  • All that inbreeding must have been a good thing because I have an IQ of 148 and only five toes on each of my hands and feet. . .;)
  • Believe it or not, one of my best friends - Yoo-Rah - accuses me of being too private.


Jodie Mackrell said...

lol you crack me up Rae Anne! congrats on your award!

Kate said...

You ARE a riot!! Have fun with the girls!