Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Bugaboo Stamps: Tutorial Wednesday

Since I've become the Assistant DT Coordinator for Bugaboo Stamps, one question that I've been asked repeatedly is "How do I get selected for a DT?" And while I can't answer that for all DTs, I can tell you a bit about what we look for in a potential DT member. Pay close attention because this could be very important later. . .;)

In no particular order. . .

Talent: Obviously, your talent's important. Not just your technical talent (i.e. great with Copic markers, making bows, etc), but also your artistic talent (i.e. color harmony, balanced sketches, etc.).

Blog: A blog's layout and appearance tells us a lot about you. And while we're looking for something aesthetically pleasing and informative, we're looking more at the number of followers you have, how often you post, what challenges you participate in, and what companies you patronize.

Country of Origin/Demographics: We look at what country you're from - We're well-represented in the US, but what we want is a greater global presence. We also look a bit at what state you're from (if you live in the US) your age, ethnicity, gender, etc. It goes without saying that diversity in the DT contributes to  diversity in projects, posts, challenges, ideas, supplies, etc. . 

Originality: What makes you, well you? I'm going to use Paul as an example. Yes, he's a guy, and yes, he's from the UK/Wales. But the following three things are what really make him stand out. 1) He creates a lot of ABCs when most of us create only cards. 2) His reconizable style: clean, graphic, and bold. And, 3) His technical know-how - He layers images, creates backgrounds, mirrors images, creates different colored images, etc.

Loyalty: We're paying attention to you when you regularly participate in our challenges, blog hops, PCP group, and CDAC group; and also when you comment on the Bugaboo Stamps blog, the Catch the Bug blog, and the DT memebers' blogs. Ask Lori. . .;)

Experience: Believe it or not, this is probably one of last things we look at. As long as your know how to work with digital images, we don't much care whether you've ever been on a DT before or not.

Application: Of course we're looking at your sample projects, but honestly we look almost as much at how well you answered the questions and followed the directions.

Ingredient X: Finally, this is that indefinable, indescribably je ne se quoi that tells us that you are the one. We're an extremely tight-knit group (many of use close friends) that works well together. There're no divas, no tempers, and no egos (barring mine, but I prefer to see it as a healthy sense of self-worth. . .;). Obviously we want to maintain that.


Paul said...

This post should come with a warning! Reading this may result in a swollen head!