Saturday, June 12, 2010

Bugaboo Stamps & Catch the Bug: 06/12/2010

About a week after the wedding, I was trying to get my name changed on my Social Security card when I was informed that I was not an American citizen. . .YIKES!!! Needless to say I had more than a few conversations with some intimidating types and had to provide reams of documentation to prove that although I was born in Izmir Turkey, it was on American soil (a US Air Force base) to American citizens (one serving in the US Army). WHEW!!!

My sister was born on Greek soil in a Greek hospital, and she just waltzed right in and out. . .WTF?!?!?

The point of all the incessant chatter is say that I'm a bit of a global citizen. So, although I'm American first and foremost in my head and heart, I have loyalties in a lot of different places. My ancestry is Spanish mostly being only three generations removed, but also Mexican, Italian, Jewish, and Basque. I was born in Turkey, and lived in Greece for the first several years of my life.

So, how does one go about deciding what team colors to use??? Well, of course red, white, and blue is my first choice, but since the USA (and Greece, for that matter) doesn't  have a snowball's chance in hell of winning the World Cup, who else can I give my loyalty to??

How could Mexico tie in the opening match?!?!? I don't give a damn if South Africa is the host team (and Nelson Mandela is one of my personal heroes), we're by far the better team and they have a responsibility to la sangre y la tierra to win DAMMIT!!!

Italy's colors are exactly the same as Mexico's and since Mexico tied they're on my shit list. Neither Israel nor Turkey (BTW, Turkey has the hands-down hottest soccer player in the freakin' world!!!) are represented at the World Cup. And since Euskadi (the Basque homeland) is not a country per se, that leaves ADELANTE ESPANA!!!

But, at the end of day, I'm really just a girl from 'round the way. And, since basketball is my favorite sport to watch, I went with my hometown boys, the San Antonio Spurs. . .;)

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PS. So, enough about me. What are your team colors?

Supplies: Bugaboo Stamps image, Stampin' Up card stock, DCWV designer paper, Copic markers, Prismacolor markers, The Paper Studio embellishments, computer-generated image.


sgc said...

Rae Anne--cute card, but I really enjoyed reading your commentary. I knew you weren't really a soccer fan; you just like oogling the soccer players:)

Jacki Randolph said...

Cutest little peanut player I've ever seen. great card Mama!

Paul said...

Wow, so many choices for your colour scheme. You ended up with a great card so I guess Spain was a good choice for you.

Jenny said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this background paper!! What a cute sentiment!! Now that song is in my head. Cute frame around the BB player. You rocked this card!!

Tammy Miller said...

I absolutely love your card, that image is so cute and you did such a great job with him. Love your embellishments!

Janell said...

You crack me up with your stories. So I'd have so say you're a mut like me, a mixture of a bunch of countires. Cute card

Jodie Mackrell said...

awesome Rae Anne! lol. love everything about it!

Cammy said...

First, I think the paper pushers with the false information just wanted to spend more time with the cute newlywed lady.

Second, so many options for you! Love it!

Third, cute card (even though basketball is my least fave sport). I especially love his sparkly shoes & headband.

Marilyn said...

This is a great card Rae Anne - I love your color choices, you've colored the image perfectly & the paper & embellies are so cute.

Cheryl said... Anne I really enjoy reading your posts,hmmmm and a bit of a dilemma you have.....hehehe!!! Ok the Aussie's didn't win,but it's not over yet.Love,love,love this card....fab DP and details and such a cute image!!

Jeanette (Forest Ranger) said...

I love love love your card, Rae Anne! And I loved reading about your birthplace and ancestry!