Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Bugaboo Stamps: Paper Flowers Tutorial

If you've visited Scrappy's blog before, you've probably seen how many cards she makes every single week. If so, you understand why we call her Energizer Bunny Crack Ho. . .;) If not, picture this. Scrappy's got a Copic marker in one hand, a Starbuck's coffee in the other, and a coupon between her teeth WHILE driving with her knees to Archivers like a mental patient on fire!

Stop, drop, and roll Scrappy. . .SHEESH! ;)

Despite her manic-manic tendencies, Scrappy's quite possibly one of my most favorite people on God's Green Earth. . .I love being her friend and I love being on the Bugaboo Stamps DT with her. And because I do, I sincerely hope that you'll visit her blog, It's a Scrappy World, today. She's posted a tutorial on how to create paper flowers. . .;) Take some time to leave Scrappy a comment - She loves to read them.


Rose Petal said...

Hello Rae Anne. I have already been on and left her some love. I have also seen her tutorial and have started to make some flowers, she is brilliant and they are so easy to do.
Happy Crafting.
Love Sandra xx